Thanks for coming and checking our Bells Budget – it’s truly great to have you here.
I bet you’re here because you’re looking for some solutions to your money issues…

Money is the biggest source of frustration in your life.  Sometimes you think you have it handled but then you come crashing back to reality when bills come in.

It’s meant to be easy right?
But now you’ve got yourself deep in debt, no savings and you’re laying away every night wondering what you’re going to do…you come up with some short term plans to get all your money shit sorted but you don’t stick at it so it never really ends up working…and you’re back to staring at the ceiling wondering what the hell are you going to do.
Sound familiar?
Well let’s dig a bit deeper into it…
These money issues didn’t just happen overnight… they’ve slowly been building for a couple of years.
You keep beating yourself up because you think that you’re just expected to know how to figure this all out…but you have no idea where to even start now…AND  You’re too worried to ask your friends or family who you think are successful with their money as to what they’re doing…so you keep digging your hole even further.
AND you’re always tip-toeing around your partner waiting for the stress volcano to erupt and start another argument.
You’re over it…
You want this sorted for once and for all.
You know you’ve got it in you to fix this situation and you need to keep this motivation rolling.
If this sounds like you…you’ve found the right place!
It’s time you realised that getting this part of your life doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t mean living on 2 minute noodles and it definitively doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun.
Money brings up feelings of failure, Feelings of being held down or held back from doing the things you REALLY WANT.
It stops you from looking into the future and seeing those dreams come true finally.
And it has you always dwelling on your worries.
Well this is where Bells Budget comes in…

I’m Sally Bellamy, a Money and Budget Coach

and I help those who seem to be stuck in the cycle of never having QUITE enough money and are struggling to get their spending under control, and who instead want to rapidly reduce their debt and create a savings plan that allows them to say YES to what they want more often.

It wasn’t all that long ago, that I felt myself sitting on the verge of spiralling out of control with my money. I was fresh out of university with a $30,000 debt to show for it, I landed my first full time job with guaranteed regular income, AND the bank wanted to give me “FREE” money with my first credit card.
Hellooooo FREEDOM. I was a real adult now and I could buy whatever I wanted.
Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before that kind of behaviour caught up with me. My savings were quickly disappearing, and my debt quickly pilling up.
Money became a huge source of stress in my life. I would find myself lying awake at night trying to calculate if I would have enough to buy my groceries after my insurance was paid. And don’t even get me started on the panic that set in when a big bill like my car registration was due.
My nights were spent stressing over how quickly my money was going OUT, and my days were spent scheming ways I could try to bring more money IN. Unfortunately, most of those money making ideas were quickly scrapped when I realised they would cost me more money and more time than I had available to even get off the ground.
Now on the surface, no one would have had a clue how much I was struggling behind closed doors. I mean, I still wore nice clothes, I still went out to dinner with friends, but I was always desperately trying to hide the beads of sweat on my forehead when the bill would arrive.
It got to the point where I had to say enough was enough.
I had two choices, I could either stay stuck in this financial vortex and just keep throwing good money after bad, or I could pull on my big girl pants and finally get my money sorted. I knew that if I didn’t make some serious changes, I would have to kiss my dreams of owning my own home, buying investment properties and going on overseas holidays goodbye.
With some simple strategies, a huge shift in my mindset around my money and consistent positive action, i taught myself how to trust my money and trust MYSELF with my money.
Fast forward just a few short years and my life is vastly different. I no longer feel that tightness in my chest when I think about money, I can make decisions based on what I want, instead of settling for what I can afford and that heavy burden of financial stress has been lifted from my shoulders.  I can raise my family knowing that I have created financial security for our home and still have the capacity to create adventures and memories together.
And that’s what I want for you too. Getting your money shit sorted doesn’t mean you need to resort to 2min noodles for dinner or stress over every dollar spent. It’s about creating a plan so that you DON’T have to count every penny anymore. And it can be SO much easier (and more fun) than you might think.
Don’t leave it any longer, learn how to Trust Your Money today!