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When a Budget Meets Decluttering

By April 6, 2017Uncategorized

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Starting Fresh, Owner  Tanya Kobzeff is Today’s Bells Budget Guest Blogger…

Thank you Sally for asking me to write this.

Budgets are important in your day to day life. So often I see people who are strapped for cash but their homes are filled with “stuff”
This stuff costs money. It’s quite simple really – Addition=Subtraction

So by spending money you are subtracting from your wealth.

Now here is the thing. When you live in clutter. You actually don’t know what you have, then you go and spend more money buying the things you already have and just don’t know where it is.

startfresh before

Starting Fresh BEFORE Photo

You as a person are not defined by your belongings, you are defined by who you are.
Now in an effort to Declutter and organise you can perhaps try selling things to put cash back in your pocket. Of course you need to know that just because you paid $50 for something does not mean you will get $50 for it.

Remember it is after all secondhand, would you pay full price for secondhand belongings?

Have a garage sale and even if you only get 50 cents for that piece of clothing you no longer want or need, it is after all, 50 cents more you have back.

Forget sale price, everything is 100% off when you don’t buy it.

Owning less is better than organising more.

Creating a home of peace and tranquility doesn’t require lots of spending money

Starting Fresh AFTER Photo

Starting Fresh AFTER Photo

So my advice for today and the rest of your life is this: your home is your living space, not your storage space

Decluttering is a lot simpler when you think of it as deciding what to keep,

rather than deciding what to throw away.

Need help just call!
Tanya Kobzeff
Starting FRESH


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