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Case Study: Why your family is wasting thousands a year!

By August 9, 2017Uncategorized

Susie, her husband and their teenage children have had a focus on eating healthy, they have noticed that a large portion on their money is being spent on food. They’ve also noticed a lot of the food is actually being thrown out as it is becoming rotten before they have a chance to use it.

Money still seems to be the biggest source of stress, frustration and angst in their life. They are finding there isn’t enough of it, and what money does come their way it seems to slip through their fingers faster than ever, already allocated to this bill, or that and then their finding that there isn’t money to spend on the things they actually enjoy in life, going out for meals with friends, going on a holiday etc.

They feel like the only way out is to live on two minute noodles or baked beans to save money or eat crappy food which they all don’t want to do.

What they don’t understand is that they have debt and money issues because they keep spending all their money. So they have to decide what they want to do.

The funny thing that actually eating healthy and getting your money sorted are just the same.

With food, we’re told to stop eating the bad stuff as well as cutting down our daily intake. By reducing the daily intake of food, it should result in a reduce in our weight. (FYI I’m no weight loss expert).

So this is what Susie & her family should be doing with their money too.

What they worked out is that they were spending $200.00 per week on their food bill. Which equates to $10,400.00 a year for the 2 adults and 2 teenagers. What they also noticed that approximately $60.00 a week was being put in the bin as a result of food going off before they used it ($3,120.00 per year).

The reason why they spent so much money on food was because they would go do a big shop just buying what they thought they needed for the week, based upon what they always bought sometimes adding in different things saying ‘we’ll try this new dish this week’. They would end up with a trolley full of food and when they got home they would start putting it away, throwing out the lettuce, carrots, capsicums etc that they bought last week and didn’t use, throwing the leftovers which they had put in the Tupperware and didn’t get eaten.

They knew that they were wasting a lot of food as as soon as they had done their weekly shopping the bin would be full.

They also noticed that they were running out of room in the cupboard for the basics, because they kept buying the same things over and over. They had 4 tins of coconut milk for curries they thought they would cook, but never did.

They noticed if they stopped wasting food they could save $60.00 a week but a lot more could be saved weekly if they actually looked what they already had without double buying.

What they started doing was meal planning then based off that meal plan creating the shopping list.

By doing this alone they saved $3,160.00 a year, but with some other modifications to their shopping and what they were actually buying they were able to cut their yearly food budget by $4,000.00 a year to $6,400.00 being roughly $125.00 per week.

With those saving’s they were able to then put that extra $125.00 per week toward their debts and therefore slightly reducing their money frustrations, stress and angst.

Meal planning & shopping lists will save you money if you start to practice this habit but it will take some time for you to master it to be actually saving the money you want to put of your debt.

That’s why I’m holding a workshop where I’ll show you the exact steps to create meal plans that save you money (as well as being healthy) and then you’ll only be shopping for the stuff you ACTUALLY need not just going mindlessly shopping.

The workshop is being held in Adelaide on Saturday 19th of August 2017, click on the link below for more details.



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