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What Your Childhood Money Sayings Actually Mean

By August 30, 2017Money Mindset
The money sayings we were brought up with…what these did teach us and what impact has it had in our life?
You may remember I asked the other night the Bells Budget Facebook Page about ‘What’s that 1 ‘Money Saying’ you always remember your parents telling you?’

Now these money sayings whether you believe it or not have stuck with us and formed our thoughts on money, some for the good and some for the bad.
So I thought I should dissect the sayings and see what they mean and what it means for our money….


  1. Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees
My come back to this is well is used to when money was made from paper…
But what does this actually mean?
This was a saying that was telling you should be careful of your money and your spending because there’s only a limited amount of money. Because there isn’t an endless supply that you can go pick from trees (like fruit).
What this saying actually does is…
It blocks you from thinking that money can come to you easily because you are always thinking that there isn’t enough of it. The more you think you don’t have enough of something the more that the thinking is going to become true, it’s like looking at the glass half full or half empty.  If you think of it as half empty you are deemed to be pessimistic which is tending to see the worst in things.
Now stop thinking this because money does come to you and it comes to your easily and there are multiple ways in which money can come to you.


  1. Money is the root of All Evil
The meaning is that all wrongdoing in the world can be traced back to the excessive attachment to material wealth aka. Money.
Now I totally used to believe this myself. And what it was doing is making me think that having money is evil. Therefore, if I thought money was evil I was then putting a block up to having that money come to me.
I recently put up a picture in group of a man and women in a private plane and asked people’s thoughts on this situation and I could absolutely tell the people who thought money is the root of all evil is, because instead of saying ‘they are having a great time’ or ‘good luck to them’ some of the comments were ‘greedy’ or ‘they should be donating to charity’.
But what’s to say that they are greedy or they aren’t also donating to charity?
Yes, there are some people in this world who are greedy and really not nice people and money is one of the ways that they became that way…
A question for you…
Your best friend has a one billion dollars in their bank account… are they evil or if you had one billion in your bank does that make you evil?
If you really look back at evil it wasn’t money…money was just what people used as that has value. Evil was probably after something else which is power.


  1. Take Care of the Cents and the Dollars Will Look After Themselves.
I like this saying…
What this means if you take care of the small things, that it will help you achieve the bigger things.
What a lot of people forget to do is to look at the smaller picture, they are always too focused on the bigger picture. If we focus on the smaller picture and getting the smaller details right then in return the bigger picture will just happen.
So this is something that you should start practising taking care of your cents!!
If you’re held up in the beliefs that the first 2 Money Sayings and what I wrote rang some warnings in your head.
I will be holding an Online Workshop that will help you to start to overcome of some of the money blocks you may have.
It’s 5 Simple Actions To Get Control Of Your Money, Debt & Savings… to sign up go here.

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