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The fifth and final element to a Realistic Budget is getting Expert Input.

I don’t want you to be reading this post and think, well she’s just trying to sell her courses…I’m genuinely not.

Its like if you aren’t feeling well, you go to the doctor to get help to get better. This is why expert input into your life and budget is important, if you need it.


We aren’t all perfect and we don’t always get it right and that’s why we hire…


Budget experts or coaches who have spent countless hours researching and understanding budgets. They themselves have generally been budgeting for a long while…


They know where the mistakes that can be made in creating and living in accordance with the budget you have created.


They also know the keys to success you can have in using a budget correctly.


There are a number of different approaches to the expert input, you can meet one on one with a coach, you can have a budget business take care of everything on your behalf or there is Bells Budget which offers e-courses to best suit what you are looking for in your budget journey, whether it be just the basics or everything there is to know about budgeting.


For so many years I myself trudged my way through budgeting, I knew that it was the key to being able to create financial success for myself and my family but I knew it wasn’t just as simple as putting some numbers on a piece of paper.


I sort out expert advice serval times, and learnt more along the way from what worked and what doesn’t work and this is why I genuinely think you should have it too.


You are going to know what will best work for you and your situation when it comes to getting expert input.


Engage with whatever expert path you’re wanting to go down…and here are some questions  to ask to see if they would be a right fit for you:

  • How long have you been budgeting?
  • What was your biggest money failure?
  • What is your greatest one sentence of advice you could give me?




I hope you have enjoyed this series on the 5 elements of a realistic budget.

The simplest way to get started with a Budget is just to START!!!



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