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How My Mindset Sucked, But Now It’ll Inspire You

By November 3, 2017Money Mindset

Money Mindset is defined as the feelings and thoughts you subconsciously develop towards money from your life experiences.

So you can either have a good money mindset or a not so good money mindset.

What would a not so good money mindset look like?

  • Constantly thinking you have NO money

  • Thinking you’re no good at getting your money sorted

  • You might hate dealing with your money

  • You live outside your means

  • You’ve got your head in the sand completely when it comes to your finances.

What a good money mindset can look like…

  • You’re happy to deal with your money and finances

  • You truly believe you’re good with your money

  • You feel you’re worthy of having money

  • You’re mindful of the long term

  • You keep going even if something hasn’t worked out

So now you know some of what makes up a good and not so good money mindset I want to tell you why I believe it’s so important.

Recently I felt like I wasn’t practicing what I preach. I found myself sliding back to a bit of a negative mindset…this NO money cycle.

You see we are solely at the moment reliant on my husbands wage, and whislt I know that the number stack up on paper that we have enough money, I was still concerned as it was different to how we had been living previously. I had to be cautious of every dollar that was being spent…especially when we were getting in electricity bills that were 50% higher that the previous ones.

What was different this time to the previous times I’ve slipped into this NO money mindset is that I was able to recognise the signs quickly and turn it around quicker.

So what did I do to turn this around:

  • I focused on the money that we did have to show that we did have money no matter if it was different to what we had a year ago.

  • I am grateful for every amount of money that is coming in whether it be 5 cents or $1000.

  • I sold some items that we were no longer using and would never use. I knew I would feel better to have these items cleared from my house and the money to pay for items such as groceries and electricity.

  • I speak about my situation with our friends and family, and how I wanted to change this around.

  • I wasn’t afraid to check all our bank accounts.

  • I made the decision to cut down on the non-essentials. I realised I was able to save about $200 a month on things that were coming out of my credit card.

Do you feel like you’re putting in the hard yards in your work life but you’re not seeing the results in your bank account?

Are you sick of being overwhelmed with your debt and lack of savings?

Do you feel like you know what your need to be doing but find yourself still making the same mistakes… over spending, not saving and debt increasing?

If that sounds like you join me for a 45 minute 1:1 consultation where we will:

-Unpack some of the Money Belief’s you have and determine if they stopping you from reaching your financial goals

-Learn the secrets to stop sabotaging your progress and so you can finally get your money stuff sorted.

-Devise at least 1super achievable money goal that will give you the confidence to keep going and build upon your confidence to keep going.

All this for just $75! This is the last chance to get this session at this price as it will be increasing at the end of this month.

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Here’s what Annie had to say recently after doing this session:
Sally has a warm yet professional manner which immediately made me feel I was in good hands. I came to our financial strategy session not knowing what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised with the personal, practical tips that Sally gave me. She is an excellent example of someone who has walked the path and has first-hand experience at creating goals and changing mindset about money matters. I feel more confident and empowered about my own financial situation having spoken to Sally!

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