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I wanted to tell you a funny story this week that happened to me and that’s being playing on my mind…

So I’m currently doing the Weight Watchers program and each Saturday morning I go and weight in…I’m trying to lose some much needed weight.


So back to my story…there was a special on these rice crackers that I really wanted (they were getting rid of my favourite flavour and I needed the last packets) and it worked out to be good value (I can’t buy anything that I perceive as expensive), so I grabbed them went up and weighed which was a success as I had lost weight! WOOO HOO


I then handed over my credit card to the Weight Watchers leader to put through the payment of rice crackers and it came up DECLINED.  It’s like you hear that sound on a game show then they get a wrong question when I heard her saying the words…declined.


In my head the conversation is going like this…

‘f**k what the hell is on that card for it to be declined’

‘I checked it the yesterday and there was money on there, what the hell has happened?’

‘S**t I have to find my other card to give her’

‘Oh bloody hell where is the other card’

Then you break out in a little sweat…eventually find the card that you know will work and everything’s fine again…


This happened and it got me to thinking as I’m going to sit down and listen to her speak in the meeting and I really hate to admit because I’m working so hard on not letting other people’s thoughts of me matter to me but I was sat there thinking…


She knows I’m a budget coach and she’s going to be thinking…’she can’t even manage her money if her credit card is declining’.  Which then intern makes you panic that little more doesn’t it?


Oh and I have to let you know why the card declined before I go on… so there was plenty of money on the card 16 hrs ago when I had checked it. But there are a couple of things you need to know about my credit card.

  1. I have a very low limit, the higher you have the more you’ll spend;
  2. I mainly use it for direct debits to get some frequent flyers from the horrible programs they offer (but I’m not getting into that now).
  3. I do check it regularly to know how much is on it, when the bills due and how much I need to pay to not have any interest etc etc
  4. One of the direct debits is our gas & electricity but the bills actually go to my husband’s email and I’m then reliant on him to tell me the amounts.


Now this is one of the times I just forgot it was coming out, I knew on the calendar that it says ‘electricity account due’ but this time my brain just didn’t comprehend what I was reading and because I didn’t know the amount (as account went to hubby’s email and he didn’t share with me)


so when I was checking the credit card to make sure there was enough in there I just didn’t think I would have the big electricity bill coming out in 4 hours…which would push me right up to my limit…


I remember years ago, my card used to decline all the time and I would be embarrassed, stressed and just wanted to get out of whatever shop I was in. I even remember being at Coles and none of my cards would work and I had $20.00 in my wallet but my items came to $25. The staff member could see the stress I was having and I was going to put an item back when she very kindly got her staff discount card scanned it through and it came to an amount lower than $20.00. I was both grateful and mortified at the same time and that’s when I knew I had to make a change in how I dealt with my money.


But this whole process from Saturday still got me thinking…why do I care so much as to what other’s think of me?


We aren’t all perfect, we’re going to make mistakes some times. But to me as long as we are on our path to where we want to go that’s all that matters, right?


The conclusion I came to and wanted to share was…


We all just need to learn to trust ourselves a little bit more and not think about what others are thinking, because truth be told my weight watchers leader probably didn’t give my card declining a second thought and maybe the lady at Coles all those years ago didn’t think of it ever again either.


We should be concentrating on the change we need to make in our lives to get the outcome WE WANT not what others want us to have or be.


Would you like to know more about the ‘Trust Your Money’ program that I run?


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