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The Secret To Saving $1000 Is Easier Than You Think

By October 16, 2017Uncategorized

Sounds like a lot of money right?  But depending on your dedication and your determination this can either be an easy task for you or a hard one.

Which will you choose?

There are some simple choices you can make to save $1000 fast. These are:

The consensus from a whole lot of research and work I have done on this subject it comes down to two things.

  1. Create a budget

  2. Cut down on spending.

My clients are generally those who are unable to get control of their spending and seem to never have quite enough so when I say create budget and cut down on spending they panic.

But by doing a budget you are understanding WHERE your money is going, You don’t have to call a budget if you like but literally write a list of where you are spending your money currently, I bet strongly that you’ll have some items on your expense list that might only be $10 here and there, but in a month if you have a whole heap of unnecessary $10, $20 and even $50 spending, that will soon add up to some serious savings.

So by looking at where your expenses are going you can then plan for a certain time to cut down on the unnecessary spending to save your $1000.

Make extra money…

Another popular way that I researched on how to save $1000, was to take on some extra work for a small period, by working some overtime or taking on a short term casual job, you can quickly save that money.

Or even selling your unwanted items, recently Gumtree have advised that here in Australia its common to find that we have $5,500 worth of items that we aren’t using that can be sold on gumtree…there you have got your $1000 five times over.

Save money…

Make some phone calls to your providers and ask them to see if there fees can be reduced. I have made some simple 10 minute phone calls to banks in the past to cut interest rates on my credit cards and home loans, and within a couple of minutes I have saved hundred if not thousands.


If you truly believe you can do something then you will do it.

‘you get what you focus on, so focus on what you want’

So focus on getting the $1000 and you’ll get it. How to keep focused? Write it everywhere, plaster ‘I will save $1000’ every where you look on post it notes.



If you would like to explore how to set up a savings plan, while still paying off debt, so that you can start to say YES to things more often and that you’re buying the things you want rather than just because then click here to get started.



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