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Why you’ll never get out of the NO MONEY cycle.

Like all aspects of Money this isn’t something we are taught in school, our NO Money Cycle is something we have learnt overtime maybe your parents or friends have helped you to shape your current Money Cycle.


What is the No Money Cycle? – how do I know if I have it?

Your Bestie: “I can’t wait to catch up for dinner this weekend, I know just the restaurant its fantastic and you’ll just love it, I’ll message you the details!”

YOU: “Can’t wait!!!!”
YOU IN YOUR HEAD: “I hope it’s not an expensive”
You look up the website when your bestie tells you which restaurant you’re going to and your stomach drops… and you’re thinking to yourself ‘I can’t afford this, I’ve got NO Money’

Have you had this happen before?

That’s part of the NO Money Cycle…


What your current money cycle really boils down to though is your Mindset around your money otherwise known as Money Mindset…

Money Mindset is the thoughts, feeling and actions you have around money, which then translate into your money experiences and then that in turns to reinforcing whatever Money Mindset you have.


If you’re money situation is making you feel stressed, you aren’t getting any sleep, you’re having to say NO all the time and you’re feeling a like a failure then that’s all a clear sign that your Money Mindset needs to change.


Now I know I put a pretty negative spin on the title of this blog…why you’ll never get out of the NO MONEY cycle…but the truth of the matter is that so many of you reading this won’t succeed you won’t make the changes you need to make in order to change your Money Mindset which in turn changes the way your way in which you deal with your money each and every day. Unless you want to prove me wrong?

I have heard time and time again excuses as to why people can’t budget and why they don’t have their debt paid off and why they had to get that personal loan why they have no money to do anything about managing their money…
What it boils down to is that they haven’t made the necessary MIND changes in order to priorities that their money is something that they need to work on.

You either have to make the choice for change or else that change isn’t just going to happen…

Can you imagine yourself at the moment with your favourite cocktail in your hand lying on a beach?


How do you suppose you’re actually going to get to that holiday?


Its through changing your currently NO MONEY mindset to a mindset that actually see’s that holiday as a reality and then puts a plan in place to action it all??


So are you going to prove me wrong and be one of those that actually do change your Money Mindset?


Now if this is something that you want to work on, have a look at my FREE downloadable…How to Change Your Money Mindset In 7 Steps…Click on the below image or HERE to get it…


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